After the election: A call to prayer for the Netherlands

The Dutch general election is over but the political manoeuvring is not. A government must now be formed.

The polarising election campaigning and at times, irresponsible, emotional and post-truth rhetoric has wounded people and left the nation divided. Strands of the nation’s population have felt estranged by the rhetoric used and platforms presented during the campaign, often the most vulnerable.

While EEA remains neutral regarding party politics, it is never neutral about the importance of good government to fulfil its God-given role of ensuring peace and justice for all and protection for the most vulnerable.

EEA condemns as completely against the will of God any attempt to

  • distort the truth or to prevent the proper scrutiny of power;
  • scapegoat particular individuals or communities;
  • turn good patriotism into toxic forms of nationalism.

EEA calls on its members to pray that

  • a government will be formed which can reunite the Netherlands;
  • a positive, uniting vision will emerge which takes into account people’s legitimate concerns and fears;
  • the Church will fulfil its ministry of reconciliation within tense communities and will be confident in sharing the Good News of Jesus to all;
  • truth will be valued by politicians, the media and voters.

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