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Many churches have some form of provision for children in the life of the church but may have no outreach to the child whose family do not attend church. Children often have a low priority in mission, but a healthy mission strategy in the local church will have children’s work as a high priority. Today we are being told that as many as 4 out of every 5 of our youth are leaving the churches!

Jesus said to preach the Gospel to every person (Mark 16: 15) and to make disciples of all nations (Matt.28: 19-20). Deuteronomy 6 & Psalm 78 tell us to make God known to the next generation so that they will faithfully pass it on to the generation after them. The Church is NEVER more than one generation from extinction!

What is our vision for each new generation of children?

  •  The vision needs to be big – there are 2 billion children in our world and they are not just ‘souls to be saved’ but children created in God’s image who deserve to become all that He intends them to be.
  •  The ideas need to be simple  – so simple they can be shared and implemented wherever children are. They may be simple but they are not simplistic!

The key questions still remain: How do we effectively disciple children for a faith that will fit them for life now and as they grow older?

Since we cannot apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, what are the simple discipling ideas worth sharing because they have proved useful in the variety of contexts where children are found? There is no end of creative ways we can learn to grow as disciples of Jesus and serve God together as families and communities. Discipleship concerns all the generations as a lifetime walk with Jesus in which we never stop learning, growing and helping each other in our discipleship walk.

Coordinator: Harry Bryans

Harry Bryans

Check the link to access and download some excellent videos and free resources for parents and anyone working with children and youth.

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