NEW RESOURCES: What has happened to Europe’s politics?

We live in an age of uncertainty, of division, of anger. People pick their socio-political side. Increasingly, they shout at each other and stop listening to “the other”.

  • What is actually happening and why?
  • How do we assess when an ideology is good and when it becomes dangerous?
  • What answers do Christians have?
  • What is a biblical response?

EEA is delighted to be able to publish a series of papers which help to answer these questions.


The papers look at the ideologies that are shaping Europe, splitting our communities, churches, nations and continent:

There is also an introduction which summarises the issues and challenges. /What has Happened to Europe’s politics?/ (EN)


Europe needs salt’s sanitising impact and light to cast out darkness.  Without the light of the Gospel and united intercession, the future looks bleak.

This political series has been written to equip Christian leaders to understand what is happening, to convey this to the Christians community and to call them to be effective salt and light.


We hope you will find the resources helpful and will promote them widely.


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