Support us

Without your support EEA cannot continue to connect, equip and represent evangelicals in Europe. We therefore value your support. Please find out what you can do:

Donate money

We are happy to receive financial support for individuals, churches, alliances, members, funds and other organizations. You can support:

  • general affairs, administration and event organization cost
  • one of our staff members
  • one of the projects or networks

Contact for more information.

Donate time

Can we ask for a (short) period of your time?  With your time you can support our:

  • Prayer network, find out what is going in Europe on our website and pray for the people and organizations involved
  • News forum, we are looking for volunteers to gather european news, good pratices and more to share on our website
  • Help at events, for the General Assembly or other conference we regurlaly looking for people to help in small task (such as registration, hands on work at location etc)

Contact for more information.

Donate resources

You may not be able to give money or time, but you have access to resources. We would be very much helped by organizations that can donate:

  • Free printing of booklets for projects or General Assembly
  • Help supporting in domain space for the website and database
  • Donate technical knowledge about email and database
  • Offer meeting space free or at non-profit rate for staff meetings or even a General Assembly

There are many other resources you may be able to offer, contact to tell us about your resources and see if we can help each other.