Dates:   13- 20 January 2019
Theme:   Unity in Diversity


Discovering and celebrating diversity to build unity

There is great richness and diversity among Evangelicals, which needs to be celebrated and not only be a cause for concern. One way to celebrate our diversity and in fact use it as acceleration for more complete unity is through the Week of Prayer of the World Evangelical Alliance.

There is no better way to celebrate this than to come together in worship, thanksgiving, confession and bringing together our needs to God.

Many local churches in Europe take this week of prayer as an opportunity to organise joint prayer meetings, which we would like to encourage.


This year WOP materials are developed by Spanish Evangelical Alliance and Portuguese Evangelical Alliance.
Each day contains a biblical devotion and prayer point for thanksgiving, confession and supplication.

  • Day 1: Unity in love
  • Day 2: Unity in Spirit
  • Day 3: Unity in faith (creed)
  • Day 4: Unity in baptism
  • Day 5: Unity in one body
  • Day 6: Unity in mission
  • Day 7: Unity in vision
  • Day 8: Unity in Christ

You can download the materials for the WOP 2019. If you have made a translation in your language please send it to the EEA office so that it can be made available online.

English:  WOP2019_Unity in Diversity_EN

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