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  • Human Trafficking and Europe’s Refugee Crisis

    Human Trafficking and Europe’s Refugee Crisis0

    Presentation during the State of Europe Forum, May 8-9 2016, Amsterdam – Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag ”Refugee” is a heavy word for those who bear it, and it provokes a nearly involuntary reaction – pity, compassion, distaste, fear – in those who hear it.  One of the challenges in responding well to the current refugee crisis is

  • Europe’s other refugee crisis

    Europe’s other refugee crisis0

    With so much attention on all the refugees who have arrived from the Middle East and Africa, let’s not forget the situation further east caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  We talked to friends to find out the latest situation. Ukraine has 1.2 million internally displaced people.  For two years now, Christians have

  • Migrant Sports Toolkit

    Migrant Sports Toolkit0

    Millions of people who have faced horrific circumstances in their home country have been willing to sacrifice, many leaving everything behind, all for a new future in Europe. Today is a moment for the Church across Europe to recognise the possibilities and potential of what is happening and to continue to stand with and serve

  • EEA Newsletter July 20160

    In this newsletter: EEA Refugee Campaign website Migrant Sports Tool Kit Europe’s other refugee crisis Let’s Talk Family Human Trafficking and Europe’s Refugee Crisis A Charta for Christian Youth Work on Switzerland   No Bad Weather – Only Bad Clothes There is this saying There is no bad weather only bad clothes. Many Christians in