Consultant for Christian-Muslim Relations


Dr. Bert de Ruiter is a Consultant Christian-Muslim relations with OM and the EEA. He is also visiting faculty member of Tyndale Theological Seminary. Bert has been involved in Christian-Muslim relations in Europe for 32 years. He got an MA in World Evangelization and a D.Min. in Christian-Muslim relations. He has authored two books: “A Single Hand cannot applaud” on the value of the book of Proverbs in evangelizing Muslims and “Sharing Lives” on how Christians can overcome their fear of Islam and learn to share their lives with Muslims. He edited the book “Engaging with Muslims in Europe”. Bert lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is married and has two children and four grandchildren.


He helps EEA Members and Affiliates to:


be aware of the Muslims in their midst and encourage them to befriend them and share their lives with them; understand the developments that are taking place among Muslims in Europe; search with Muslims for central values in society, e.g. justice, freedom, respect, cooperation. He is available as a consultant on matters relating to relationships with Muslims in Europe and as a trainer to conduct training, seminars and workshops on Christian-Muslim relations.


Find here Bert’s 2017/18 Training Courses for reaching out to Muslims

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