Chairman: Mr. Bert den Hertog


Short introduction

The aim of Financial Discipleship and Generosity Network is to serve Europe and one and another in equipping people to faithfully apply Gods´financial principles in earning and managing money, so they can know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him and live generously.

We will focus specifically on serving local churches in teaching people to 1) become good stewards, 2) coming out of debts and 3) living generously.

The network has already started 3 pilots: pioneering an (outreach) Debt Free programm with the EA Portugal, pioneering stewardship teaching in churches with the EA Albania and with the EA Italy.


That all Christians (people) in Europe

  • grow from financial bondage to financial freedom (and as a fruit became generous)
  • are growing from dualistic to wholistic Christians
  • are confessing Jesus as Saviour AND Lord

so they will become financial disciples and disciple makers (Math 28)

We dream that in over 60 years at least 25% of the churches in Europe will have a stewardship ministry.


under developement

Prayer points

Let us pray

  • for open hearts of churches for receiving the message of following Jesus with our finances
  • that the Lord will pour out laborers in churches and organizations who will learn, apply and multiply Gods financial principals all over Europe
  • for Wisdom how to spread the gospel via the topic of money
  • for new partners for our EEA network

White paper

Equipping the Church for financial freedom

New online course

From September 2019 – August 2020 we will offer a one-year, online course for all national EA`s with the topic “Navigating your finances Gods way”.



From September 2019 – August 2020 the network offers an one-year, online course for all the national EA`s about the topic “Navigating your finances God`s way”. The course talks about stewardship and generosity in the light of the bible. Offered course languages are: English, French, Hungarian, and German.