Beyond Election Season

From a biblical perspective.

  • Government is a gift from God to maintain peace, justice and the conditions for human flourishing for all.
  • Politicians are meant to serve the people and, even if they do not know it, are under God’s law.
  • Citizens have their role too. Their actions of neighbourliness, integrity, work and service, compassion and justice all matter. Their paying of taxes, obeying the law and the ways that they hold their politicians to account all contribute to the common good.

What needs to happen so that politicians serve, citizens play their part and society flourishes?

Let’s commit to praying

  • That those in power will be held to account in just and effective ways.
  • For lawyers and police, media owners and journalists, civil servants and civil society to play their important roles and, if necessary, challenging politicians to do a better job.
  • That there will be a longing for truly biblical values and that vision will emerge regarding how to begin to spread those values.
  • That the Lord will open up politics and public leadership to people who follow His ways.
  • That positions of service will open up in political parties, the civil service, the law, education, media etc. for Christians to be salt and light.
  • For new ways for Christians, as individuals, local church or at national level to demonstrate the heart and character of God in the way we live, speak and serve.


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