Hope and Responsibility

Individual Christians can feel powerless as they look at the socio-political, moral and economic challenges of their country. When something like the coronavirus pandemic can cause such havoc and change, we can be left feeling so insignificant.  We can wonder if there is any point in praying about elections or voting.

But, hope returns when we focus our attention on the King of Kings, the one who is in ultimate charge and is working out His eternal Kingdom purposes no matter what.

As we remember that we are called to pray that “His will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, we are motivated to persevere in our intercession.

If we live in a democracy, however imperfect, then as adult citizens, we have a chance to express our preference about the future as we cast our vote.

The voting choice may be far from easy. And sometimes, perhaps we should pray and work to ensure there will be better party and candidate choices and media coverage for the next elections. But we should still take the opportunity to mark what we believe is right.

Praying and voting wisely requires all of us to do some homework – to work to understand what is happening in our country and continent and equally try to understand the will of the Lord. Let’s do this in humility, remembering that we will not fully comprehend until Jesus returns.


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