Strength in Unity

There is particular power and wisdom in praying and reflecting together with other Christians.

The diversity of local Church (and indeed Church at national or European levels) means we can choose to understand the lives, problems, gifts and opinions of those who are very different to us. Our identity in Christ gives us a firm foundation for mutual respect, collaboration and the possibility of softening our opinions.

Of course, praying, thinking and discussing together can be hard, especially where a nation’s political culture has become disrespectful and bitter. But let’s resolve to lay such attitudes aside and remember that we are brothers and sisters who have much to learn from one another.

We know that, when we pray in humility, repentance and unity for our nation, we can be confident that the Lord listens and will heal (2 Chronicles 7: 14).

And when we consider socio-political matters with those who are different to us, it becomes much easier to find a truly biblical perspective on what is important.


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