Ambassador at Large for the European Evangelical Alliance


Vitaly is married to Yana Vlasenko and has three children.


Education: Bachelor of Theological Sciences from Moscow Bible College “New Life ” Economist, degree from the Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow Manager of public, state and urban administration from the Russian Academy of Civil Service


Work activities: 1995-2007 Christian mission New Life (Campus Crusade for Christ), Director

2005 -2012 President of the Council of Christian Evangelical Churches of Russia

2005- 2014 President of the Russian National Prayer Breakfast

2007- 2016 Co-chairman of the Christian Interfaith Advisory Committee of the CIS countries

2007-2017 Head of the Department of External Church Relations of the Russian Union of Baptists

2011 Pastor of Moscow City Church

2017 (from March) Ambassador at Large for the Russian Evangelical Alliance

2017 (from October) Ambassador at Large for the European Evangelical Alliance

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Vitaly Vlasenko

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