Refugee Crisis

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The EEA fills a unique role when it comes to the current refugee crisis. We are not a refugee ministry nor do we pretend to be experts in refugee related ministries. But we represent and serve those who are involved in these ministries.

We like to say that the EEA manages a large dance floor. In reality this dance floor is a composite of many different dance floors. Each National Alliance, from the individual European countries, have their own dance floor on which individuals, churches, ministries, NGOs, etc. carry out their unique refugee ministries.

But there are also networks of different specialists that manage their own dance floors. We know specialists in trauma counseling, human trafficking, Engaging with Muslims, media, advocacy, refugee issues, etc.

We (EEA) see value in bringing all of these dance floors together to create one large interconnected dance floor where information is shared and where collaborative relationships are fostered.


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