Sharing Lives – An online course for people interested in sharing their lives with Muslims

As of 22 April 2021, the course Sharing Lives is available online for everyone who is interested to begin to share their lives with Muslims! Bert de Ruiter wrote the course several years ago as part of his dissertation with the intention to help Christians reflect on their attitude towards Muslims and Islam, and to encourage them to begin to share their lives and in this context also the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims that cross their paths.

Social and religious dynamics of Muslims in Europe: 7 trends and 4 responses (II)

European Muslims seem to create a balance between loyalty to the global ummah and loyalty to the local state. Many seek to harmonize a Salafist claim of the true Islam with the cultural and religious pluralism of the societies they live in.

Social and religious dynamics of Muslims in Europe: 7 trends and 4 responses (I)

European Muslims are often influenced by Muslim majority nations and transnational movements led by well-known leaders. But statistics do not give any indication of the real religious commitment of Muslims in our continent.

Why the West fears Islam

In this article Bert de Ruiter challenges the fear which many Christians in Europe have when they think of Islam and Muslims. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

Undoing Islamophobia

Bert de Ruiter writes on the Christian answer to Islamophobia in Europe . DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

Seeing with our inner eye

Bert de Ruiter writes on the politics of fear and defends the idea that each Muslim in Europe needs a Christian friend. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

My answer to Eurabia

Bert de Ruiter reflects on the Eurabia theory and its impact in Europe. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

How to develop our integrative complexity

A short paper  by Bert de Ruiter on Integrative complexity or how we perceive reality. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


Bert de Ruiter (EEA Consultant for Christian-Muslim Relations) has put together a flyer, offering training to EEA Members and Affiliates. Besides these existing courses, Bert is available to conduct training, seminars and workshops on a variety of topics related to Christian-Muslim relations in Europe.   DOWNLOAD RESOURCE