Sharing Lives – An online course for people interested in sharing their lives with Muslims

Sharing Lives – An online course for people interested in sharing their lives with Muslims

As of 22 April 2021, the course Sharing Lives is available online for everyone who is interested to begin to share their lives with Muslims! Bert de Ruiter wrote the course several years ago as part of his dissertation with the intention to help Christians reflect on their attitude towards Muslims and Islam, and to encourage them to begin to share their lives and in this context also the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims that cross their paths.


Sharing Lives addresses the attitude of fear and prejudice that hinders Christians to share their lives with their Muslim neighbors. Furthermore, it encourages Christians to exemplify the Gospel of grace and the grace of the Gospel when relating to Muslims. Although the course includes some teaching about the core concepts beliefs and practices of Islam, its focus is not Islam, but Muslims.


Sharing Lives consists of five lessons: 1) our view of Islam; 2) developing an attitude of grace; 3) understanding Muslims; 4) meeting with Muslims; 5) building relationships that last.


Course books are available in 12 different languages. Participants (individuals or groups) can go through the course material at their own speed, using videos and assignments that can be downloaded, carried out and uploaded again. There is also additional material available for those who would like to start teaching the course in their home group or church.


After signing up and paying the fee of € 80, participants can work with the material that consists of 15 videos (varying between 5-17 minutes in length) and process the material through 12 different assignments. The completion of the course takes about 8 hours.


During the past years, the course has been taught in churches across Europe and hundreds of people have consequently began sharing their lives with Muslims. If you would like to be one of them or know of people who would be helped by this material, check out the website: On the same website, you’ll also find a link to another online course, Approaches to Islam.


If you have further questions or want more information about these courses, please contact Bert de Ruiter at .

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