• Blessed Lent and Easter!

    Blessed Lent and Easter!0

    Lent is the season of life. In the northern hemisphere where we live it is also the time of spring. After the long, dark and cold wintertime nature begins to revive: the grass starts to grow, the snowdrops disappear and make room for hyacinths and daffodils to bloom, the trees turn green again, birds build their nests, and the first ducklings are already swimming around in the ponds. Migratory birds are returning from warmer areas, the days are getting longer again, and temperatures are rising.

  • Hearing through the Sermon

    Hearing through the Sermon0

    We spoke to Manuel Rainho, General Secretary of the Portuguese IFES movement, about the sermon, one of our main mediums of listening to Jesus’ words, and a focal point in our churches, communities and individual lives.

  • Reading “these words of mine”

    Reading “these words of mine”0

    We spoke to Mike MacDonald at the Bible Project, about how to read “these words” – this mega book that is the Bible, how important context is and literary genre – we can’t read poetry the same way we read prophecy! And when Jesus says “hear these words of mine” he is not only talking about words on a page, but about a unified narrative that points to him.

  • Listening to others

    Listening to others0

    We spoke to Usha Reifsnider, a Missions specialist, about listening to others: how difficult this is in general, and even how as Christians we are pretty rubbish at listening because we are the ones who want to be speaking. But we become better listeners when we have been listened to.

  • Following Jesus in Media and Communication

    Following Jesus in Media and Communication0

    Our theme for the first half of 2023 is “House on the Rock”, and we asked Georg Schuster, Managing Director of Uplink Academy, to comment on this in the context of media and communication.
    In Jesus’ parable, we must both hear and put into practice, to be able to build on the Rock. Georg pointed out that listening was an elemental principle in good communication: we must hear what people are thinking and saying before rushing in to share the Gospel, answering questions people are not even asking. And words are not the only thing that counts: people want to see us live out our faith.
    Another principle in communication is to face outside perceptions, and here we accept that outside opinions about Christians are not positive. The Church is no longer seen as something relevant to society. It has largely forgotten how to listen and talk to the world. This led Georg and Mirjam to establish Uplink Academy, a media centre created to help Christians communicate better, be a space of encounter, and train those who see themselves as media missionaries.

  • House on the Rock means creation care

    House on the Rock means creation care0

    EEA’s overarching communications theme for the first six months of 2023 is extremely relevant in many ways. One of these areas, which ties directly to Jesus’ image of the “storms of life,” is the increasingly out-of-control phenomenon of global climate change. This is literally bringing us an increasing number of “storms” or as meteorologists would say: erratic weather events.