Where are you from? The answer to the question “Where are you from?” comes in flawless Zurich German: “Vo Züri” (from Zurich). Even when I ask again, I get the same slightly irritated answer. Has that ever happened to you? Irritating! But have you ever thought about how, for example, a second or third generation black Swiss feels, when a white person asks him this question?

  • One People

    One People0

    Years ago, an international team of young Christians were able to, quite freely, share the Gospel in a Muslim country. While at the same time, the national believers did not enjoy the same liberty. The reason for much more freedom for the international team seems to be the fact that the authorities had no concept of a cross cultural team working in unity. And what they didn’t think was possible kept them from persecuting them.

  • East differs from West

    East differs from West0

    Raising one’s voice in a discussion or a confrontation in Switzerland can be interpreted as insecurity or not having self-control. This is not the done thing. In many Eastern European countries, it is the other way around. It is interpreted as insecurity when one does not raise one’s voice. Not speaking up strongly shows that I am not really convinced of my point of view.

  • East meets West – West meets East – literally

    East meets West – West meets East – literally0

    I have the impression that we (the EEA staff) were prophetic last year when we set the communication themes for 2022. For the first six months we chose “East meets West – West meets East”. Who would have thought that this would happen on so many levels and to such an extent as it is happening now?

  • Celebrating The Other

    Celebrating The Other0

    A friend told me the other day: “doing a personality profile and studying all the different personalities of this model finally helped me to understand that not everyone works like

  • What should our expectations be?

    What should our expectations be?0

    When talking with Christians about the state of the church in Europe I often detect the underlying expectation and longing that things should go back to what we call Christendom. A time where the institutionalised Christian faith set the parameters for all areas of life. A time when the power was in the hands of “the Christians”. But, was that time really a good time as we consider its fruits? Much was good but when I look at today’s world, at its reactions against those times, I see its downsides as well.