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  • Covid-19 – A Wake-Up Call?!

    Covid-19 – A Wake-Up Call?!0

    In all strands of society life has come to a screeching halt. What economists feared, suddenly came true in a way they could not have imagined. Experts had been warning for some time that the market was overheating. They also said that, in contrast to the financial crisis in 2008, there was no leverage left to fight a new crisis, by lowering interest rates which are already at 0% or even negative or going more into debt as many nations are already indebted to breaking point.

  • Coronavirus in Europe: The challenge of serving in a context of uncertainty

    Coronavirus in Europe: The challenge of serving in a context of uncertainty0

    Christians in various countries mention the loneliness in times of confinement and the needs of the elderly, as priorities to be addressed in the coming weeks of crisis.
    Citizens in all European countries are coming to terms with the drastic measures implemented by the governments in their efforts to stop the expansion of the Covid-19 virus. On Thursday 19 March, more than 85,000 cases of coronavirus had been diagnosed in Europe, and over 4,000 had died as a consequence of the virus.

  • We need more than just a culture of peace to preserve peace

    We need more than just a culture of peace to preserve peace0

    8 May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, which was the start into 75 years without war in many European countries. But not for the Balkans. On 10 June 2020 another anniversary is commemorated, the 21st anniversary of the end of the Kosovo War. Aiming to approach the topic of peace in all its complexity and its partly contradictory nature, the European Evangelical Alliance therefore highlights different voices from different corners of Europe on this topic in 2020.

  • For Peace and Reconciliation

    For Peace and Reconciliation0

    The Network for Peace and Reconciliation in the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) has been created in 2016. Our world has become a world of conflict, “a world of war” as the American theologian John Howard Yoder once called it.[1] Motivated by the dedicated commitment of its members in many places in this world of growing and spreading peacelessness, the EEA has created an instrument to help support Christians in Europe and worldwide in their efforts for peace.