Week of Prayer 2019

Dates:   13- 20 January 2019
Topic:   Unity in Diversity

The Evangelical Alliance Week of Prayer is an old tradition: going back to the year after the launch of Evangelical Alliance in 1846.

It was one of the agreed initiatives that came out of that founding conference.

It has had major take-up in many countries in Europe for a very long time. In many of the countries of the former communist world in Europe it was the only Evangelical Alliance thing that stayed alive through the communist era…..so, even when people had heard of nothing else to do with Evangelical Alliance, they had often heard of the Week of Prayer.  It pre-dates the ecumenical ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’ by about a century.

Historically it has been in the first full week of January each year.










This year WOP materials are developed by Spanish Evangelical Alliance and Portuguese Evangelical Alliance. Each day contains a biblical devotion and prayer point for thanksgiving, confession and supplication.


Day 1: Unity in love

Day 2: Unity in Spirit

Day 3: Unity in faith (creed)

Day 4: Unity in baptism

Day 5: Unity in one body

Day 6: Unity in mission

Day 7: Unity in vision

Day 8: Unity in Christ


You can download the materials for the WOP 2019. If you have made a translation in your language please send it to the EEA office so that it can be made available online.

English: WOP2019_Unity in Diversity_EN
Spanish: SUO2019_Unity in Diversity_Spanish