• Bible Engagement in times of COVID-19

    Bible Engagement in times of COVID-19

    • NEWS
    • February 10, 2021

    In the coming five months of 2021, the overarching communications theme for the European Evangelical Alliance will be “Bible Engagement”. As this year’s Week of Prayer (WoP) focused on the same topic, we are very pleased that Andi Bachmann-Roth, new General Secretary of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and co-leader of the project team for this year’s WoP material, has agreed to answer some of our questions.

  • YouVersion and the Week of Prayer 2021

    YouVersion and the Week of Prayer 2021

    • NEWS
    • February 10, 2021

    With many worship services and other church activities cancelled due to Covid-19, many digital tools supporting Bible engagement have seen record-breaking user numbers in 2020. YouVersion, for example, reported the highest level of Bible engagement in their app history. Especially countries on the African continent but also in Europe, including Belgium and the UK, showed an increase of Bible engagement on the platform of between 20-60%.


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The Relevance of the Bible in European Societies


  • Holy Bubble meets the World
    Holy Bubble meets the World
    • February 10, 2021

    From mid-November to mid-December I had the privilege of attending a 30-day retreat of solitude. Part of my time was spent in long Bible meditations. I received a new text every day and the expectation was that I would spend one hour, four times a day, meditating on the text. The objective was to make sure that I was not preparing my next input, sermon or devotion but to allow the Bible do its work in me.


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