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    The monthly EEA Zoom Café brings together EEA members, networks and friends every last Wednesday of the month.

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    EEA Call to Prayer for Eastern Ukraine

    EEA is deeply concerned about the renewed increase in tension between Ukraine and Russia over the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine.

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    Introducing Rev. Dr. Brian Winslade, new WEA Deputy Secretary-General

    It is often in retrospect that we see the hand of the Lord guiding and shaping us. At any given moment, we simply do what is in front of us, only to recognize later how different chapters in life fit together and prepare us for what is ahead. The diverse chapters in my journey as a Christ-follower are like that in leading me to join the World Evangelical Alliance staff as Deputy Secretary-General for Ministries on the 1st March. Had it been suggested to me a few years before, I would have laughed out loud.

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    Young leaders have a way of showing the importance of love and commitment to God’s Word that is unique

    As part of our overarching communication theme "Bible Engagement" in the first half of 2021, readers of the EEA Newsletter are being presented with a variety of perspectives on this topic in several issues of the EEA Newsletter. We are very pleased that Erzsébet Komlósi, Field Development Director for Europe with Scripture Union International, has agreed to answer some of our questions.


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The Relevance of the Bible in European Societies


  • How do you fill your heart?
    How do you fill your heart?
    • March 24, 2021

    Have you ever thought about what you might say if you had dementia? What would people hear coming from your mouth? Maybe you never have, but I have, and yes, I pray that it never happens. But if it does, it is likely that I won’t even know what I’m saying. But does that mean that I shouldn’t care?


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