• Hope for Europe Conference 2022

    Hope for Europe Conference 20220

    From 4th to 8th October 2022 the next HOPE conference under the title “Builders connected – Celebrating the Kingdom of God” will take place in Sarajevo / Bosnia-Herzegovina. The conference is being organized by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) together with partners and other co-organizers.

  • EEA Statement on the situation on the Belarus – EU border

    EEA Statement on the situation on the Belarus – EU border0

    The Belarussian government is using human beings as pawns in their desire to push back against the European Union (EU) for imposing sanctions upon the regime. They are choosing to invite and facilitate the travel of migrants from the Middle East to Belarus and then taking them to the EU border.

  • Call to Prayer for Eastern Ukraine – IDOP 2021

    Call to Prayer for Eastern Ukraine – IDOP 20210

    • NEWS
    • November 2, 2021

    To mark International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – IDOP  – 7 or 14 November 2021, the European Evangelical Alliance calls upon Evangelicals to unite in praying for the area of Europe where the Church suffers the most: The Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine.

  • RISE in Strength Consultation 2021 goes online

    RISE in Strength Consultation 2021 goes online0

    • NEWS
    • October 21, 2021

    Lord, may all who love you be like the sun, when it rises in its strength. This phrase at the end of Deborah’s and Barak’s victory song (Judges 5,31) motivated 60 women leaders from across the globe to gather in June 2019 in Amsterdam/Netherlands  and to write together the Call to All Christians, see www.riseinstrength.net/the-call, in 10 languages.
    The upcoming RISE in Strength 2021 from 30 October – 1 November 2021 will be a refreshing and continuation.

  • Support Us – A Day of Lobby Work in Brussels

    Support Us – A Day of Lobby Work in Brussels0

    A day of lobby work in Brussels with Arie de Pater, EEA Brussels Representative   On Wednesdays, I take a 6.30 h train for Brussels. As the train is still fairly quiet at that hour, it provides me an opportunity to prepare for the day. That can be listening to a podcast, read and write

  • Europe is getting weary

    Europe is getting weary0

    Migration has been a hot political topic across Europe since 2015 when large numbers of people sought sanctuary here.
    Several years later, the number arriving is not so big, although more than a 1000 have died so far this year as they tried to cross the Mediterranean. But, with conflicts in Africa and Taliban rule in Afghanistan, most people predict that many more will try to come to Europe.