• WoP2019 | DAY 7 | UNITY in VISION

    WoP2019 | DAY 7 | UNITY in VISION0

    Many Christian organizations and churches have undertaken defining their vision as a priority in order to reach success. Often, this task is done with great difficulty because of the existing differences amongst the people concerned. The perspective of what it means to be united in vision according to Paul, in chapter 4 of his Epistle

  • WoP2019 | DAY 6 | UNITY in MISSION

    WoP2019 | DAY 6 | UNITY in MISSION0

    In Ephesians 4:1 and 4 we are told of the vocation or mission to which we have been called, in unity with those who share our same hope. That is, all believers have the ministry of reconciliation by which, as ambassadors in Christ’s name, we must plead with others to become reconciled with God (2

  • WoP2019 | DAY 5 | UNITY in ONE BODY

    WoP2019 | DAY 5 | UNITY in ONE BODY0

    There is a well-known joke in which different parts of the body argue over who is the most important one. In the end, the one which seemed more insignificant proves that all are, in fact, connected. Although each plays its role, if any of them is sick or does not work, the whole body suffers