Support Us – A Day of Lobby Work in Brussels

A day of lobby work in Brussels with Arie de Pater, EEA Brussels Representative   On Wednesdays, I take a 6.30 h train for Brussels. As the train is still fairly quiet at that hour, it provides me an opportunity to prepare for the day. That can be listening to a podcast, read and write


General Secretary

Thomas Bucher loves to be where the action is. He has often found himself in situations, sometimes quite untidy ones, where his skills in consolidating situations, growing and implementing vision and helping organisations to grow to the next level were well put to work. Over the years the roles were many and often parallel…


Brussels Representative

Since May 2017, Arie puts a face and mouth to EEA’s presence at the European Institutions and related networks in the European capital.
Arie comes to the job with over fifteen years of advocacy experience, both at national and at EU and UN level, promoting and defending Freedom of Religion or Belief with a particular emphasis on Christians persecuted for their faith…


Ambassador at Large for the European Evangelical Alliance

Bachelor of Theological Sciences from Moscow Bible College “New Life ”
Economist, degree from the Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow
Manager of public, state and urban administration from the Russian Academy of Civil Service…


Julia Doxat-Purser is EEA’s socio-political representative & religious liberty coordinator. She was previously EEA’s first Brussels representative, where her most significant work was ensuring the EU’s Employment Directive in 2000 was amended to grant essential flexibility to faith groups…


Dr. Bert de Ruiter is a Consultant Christian-Muslim relations with OM and the EEA. He is also visiting faculty member of Tyndale Theological Seminary. Bert has been involved in Christian-Muslim relations in Europe for 32 years. He got an MA in World Evangelization and a D.Min. in Christian-Muslim relations.


Matthias Boehning is the EEA’s Office Manager responsible for communication and network administration matters. He works in the World Evangelical Alliance’s representative office in Bonn/Germany.