Brussels Representative


Arie de Pater is EEA’s Brussels Representative.


Since May 2017, he puts a face and mouth to EEA’s presence at the European Institutions and related networks in the European capital.


Arie comes to the job with over fifteen years of advocacy experience, both at national and at EU and UN level, promoting and defending Freedom of Religion or Belief with a particular emphasis on Christians persecuted for their faith. Arie has worked closely with the UN team of the World Evangelical Alliance and has served the WEA as a member of its Religious Liberty Commission for over a decade. “Its great to be back in Brussels after several years of absence, and I regard it a huge privilege to represent the Evangelical Alliances at this level.”


Arie is married to Francina with three children, one girl and two boys, all teenagers or adolescents. That’s another privilege!

  “Brussels is a lovely city but whenever I need a bit of fresh air and some mind space I take my bike or my runners out to explore a park or the country side. Old cathedrals, architecture, art, or a good read are balm for the soul as well.”

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Arie de Pater

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