Register now for HOPE 2022!

Register now for HOPE 2022!

We are nearly within 4 months of the Hope Experience and the plans are coming together, the hotel is ready to receive us, and the Networks have some good and creative input to give us and start some very good and dynamic conversations – all part of the Hope Experience. The host city is the perfect place to focus on Hope as it has a rich history of both struggle and success. The Churches are excited to both serve and receive us and we’ve been really touched by their willingness to step up, invite all the churches and encourage young people to attend.


Why are we calling this the Hope Experience? We have, in the past, used “conference or event” but they don’t really do justice to what we want to see happen at the Hope Experience. An experience is something that you participate actively in and not just something you listen to or observe. We want each person to have the opportunity to get to know our 18 EEA Networks and experience what they are doing, ask them questions, challenge them with project, work with them on some of their projects, and work together to see how we bless our countries and our churches with resources, best practices, new projects, and innovative ideas.


This year’s experience will also include the Transition ceremony from the leadership of Thomas Bucher to our new General Secretaries, Connie Duarte and Jan Wessels. We would like to celebrate and give thanks for Thomas’ 9 years of faithful leadership and also celebrate and pray for Connie and Jan as they step into the position.


So please register for the Hope Experience as soon as possible. Invite your Board, the pastors of Churches and leaders of movements in your country. Please remember to invite younger people to join you so they can be included and fully participate in the future of the EEA and what is happening across Europe.


To register and to find out more information, including the program please go to our dedicated event website:


All relevant information can also be found in our event brochure below. Please feel free to share it widely.


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