• Joint Statement on Ukraine

    Joint Statement on Ukraine0

    One year has passed since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The World Evangelical Alliance joins the European Evangelical Alliance and the Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches of Ukraine in condemning the aggression, honouring the people who are pouring out support to the victims, and challenging all evangelicals to follow Jesus as war continues to rage.

  • House on the Rock

    House on the Rock0

    How is the weather where you live? Not the physical weather, but the spiritual weather? Is it like a beautiful Spring Day, is there a storm building, or are you right in the middle of a storm? No matter what the weather, we know from experience that it will change. And no matter what the change or the challenge, we need a strong place to dwell, to stand and to be safe.
    Our theme these next 6 months is: “A house on the rock,” from Matthew 7:24–27. In Jesus’ parable, there are a few things that Jesus presupposes but doesn’t mention. Four things that anyone who is planning to build a solid house needs to do. These four things are true if we build a physical house, and especially true when it’s our lives.

  • 5th day of the earthquake – Updates and Prayer Requests from Turkey

    5th day of the earthquake – Updates and Prayer Requests from Turkey0

    We are now in the 5th day of the earthquake. We see every life saved after the first 72 hours as a miracle. May the Lord give strength to every life that is still breathing under the collapse and may we continue to witness more miracles.