The EEA HOPE Forum is a virtual platform to share our stories and learn from each other, to be hosted on Zoom by the European Evangelical Alliance, every three months.


EEA HOPE Forum #2: “Walking Together in Times of Polarisation. Part I: Politics”

Wednesday, June 28th, 19h-20h30 Berlin time, 18h-19h30 UK time, on Zoom.

The 2020s have already been described as a “decade of crises.” COVID-19 pandemic, war back to Europe, cost-of-living crisis, rising inflation, climate change, the list could go on. But it does. In all this, political polarisation has increased and becomes more radical. From parliamentary benches to the “public square” the mood is rarely one of open conversation, of coalition-forming, of facing and dealing with differences. Polarisation creates an “us versus them” dynamic which is hard to break and easily escalates ongoing tensions.

As Christians we are called to respond in love and not react in fear. Yet it is easier than we care to admit to be drawn into polarising dynamics. It is difficult to carve out spaces for conversation where hostility is a default. How to navigate our current political polarisation? How to contribute to a healthy civil public square?

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