On this page we would like to provide prayer requests, ideas to help, resources and regular updates from our local partners and members on the war in Ukraine. The content will be updated regularly, so please make sure to check the page for updates on a regular basis.


  • We pray for God’s powerful intervention in this horrendous war.

  • We pray for peace: The swift ceasing of all violence and God’s peace in the hearts and minds of the fearful.

  • We pray for the peace demanders & makers: For courage, for their influence to be magnified and for their protection. In Russia, in Ukraine, on the streets and online, the faith and community leaders, the politicians and the media.

  • We pray for the protection and sustaining of all who evacuate people and bring humanitarian aid into the most desperate situations. May the checkpoints be opened, the roads be clear and the fuel and supplies be provided.

  • We pray for protection for all who have left everything behind and flee for safety. We pray that they might find tokens of love and rays of hope on their journey. We pray that they may have the strength to make wise decisions about where to go and how to find a level of stability and normality.

  • We pray for comfort for the grieving and healing for the traumatised wherever they are. May they discover God’s love and healing power.

  • We pray for God’s hope bringers: Those bringing both spiritual hope, hope for troubled minds and humanitarian aid in Ukraine and in surrounding nations. The situation is chaotic but may hope reach where it is needed. We pray for resilience and reinforcements so that the hope can keep flowing.

  • We pray against hatred and bitterness: Most Ukrainian and Russian people do not hate each other. We pray for miracles of courageous connection and love.  We pray for peace making collaboration between Russians and Ukrainians abroad. We pray against propaganda which demonises.

  • We pray that corruption, human trafficking and all forms of exploitation or profiteering within this tragedy would be disrupted.

  • We pray for integrity and discipline among soldiers so that civilians are protected and prisoners of war treated well according to international law.

  • We pray for Russians, for families and soldiers who are torn between loyalty to their country and their desire for peace with Ukraine.

  • We pray for the politicians who have the power to bring war and occupation to an end and to enable Ukraine and Russia to live in peace as independent sovereign nations.


The EEA will not receive monetary and material aid but connect donors to such organisations.

Please find below a list of international aid initiatives and EEA members linking to national aid initiatives in their countries:

  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries are working alongside local churches in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Moldova to provide urgent assistance to people in need of food, shelter and other essential needs.

  • World Without Orphans Europe is caring for children orphaned, separated from family or at risk of separation, including child refugees being helped by WWO teams in neighbouring countries. (Specify ‘Ukraine Crisis’ in the comment box. Eligible for UK tax payers’ Gift Aid scheme.)

  • European Baptist Federation: Donations will help to purchase food, hygiene items, medicine, generators, gasoline, blankets, pillows, and necessary items for the internally displaced people as well as for those fleeing the country. There are shelters being set up in many Baptist churches in the region and donations are essential for the local people to run these centres. EBF also offers Wednesday Prayer Gatherings on Zoom.

  • European Freedom Network: Support EFN Partners as they work together at the borders of Ukraine to warn refugees of trafficker tactics.

  • European Christian Mission: ECM’s team in Lviv has turned its church into a shelter, and is hosting and helping many refugees who are on their way to the Polish border. Also, ECM workers in several neighbouring countries are cooperating to receive, transport and host refugees leaving Ukraine. We are raising funds to cover the food and supplies needed, as well as the emergency expenses caused by the war.

  • Innovista: Innovista’s Ukraine team and church pastors are asking for funds to buy bottled water, non-perishable food, generators and fuel to support their communities and those fleeing and seeking refuge in their churches during this period of conflict and uncertainty.

  • IFES International: Donations support CCX Ukraine and local IFES staff, as well as neighbouring student movements who are serving those impacted or are impacted themselves.

  • Operation Mobilsation: OM is on the ground to respond immediately, responding to the unfolding situation in Ukraine and surrounding countries. As more and more people flee, our team members in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania are mobilising local churches, coordinating relief efforts and administering aid to those in need.

  • Youth for Christ EMENA: Through their ministries in Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Hungary YFC is offering help to the YFC family and refugees. YFC Slovakia is currently preparing to house 75 refugees in its conference centre. (Details: YFC EMENA, NL30 RABO 0192 3127 82, BIC: RABONL2U, Please mention: Ukraine support)

  • AEM: List of European missions organizations involved in crisis response

  • Roma Network: Overview of activities and funding opportunities for Roma ministries in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine
  • EA Austria: List of aid initiatives for Austria

  • EA Czech Republic: List of aid initiatives for the Czech Republic

  • EA France: List of aid initiatives for France

  • EA Germany: List of aid initiatives for Germany

  • EA Hungary: OM Hungary’s Bus4LIfe Ministry at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border and in Ukraine

  • EA Netherlands: List of aid initiatives for the Netherlands

  • EA Portugal: Donate to EA Portugal’s Solidarity Account

  • EA Switzerland: List of aid initiatives for Switzerland

  • EA UK: List of aid initiatives for the UK

  • North Wales: Coordination Efforts

[The list will be continued in the coming days.]


Some ministries are asking for volunteers so connect directly with them. But please prayerfully consider whether you have the skills, languages and resilience to help and what the demands might be upon you if you go.

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Human Trafficking

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Welcoming Churches

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Providing Accomodation

Updates & Stories of EEA Members & Partners

Latest EEA News on the Crisis


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Latest Articles on the Urkaine Crisis

RefAid Mobile App

The RefAid mobile app shows migrants, refugees and those who help them where services are near them – on a map with a very simple interface. A web based content management and communication system allows trusted aid organizations to manage and update their services and to get their critical aid to where it is most urgently needed. The app covers all of Europe and is available also in Ukrainian. Organisations who offer services for refugees are invited to add their information.

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