A Guide for Christians Helping Asylum
Seekers Through the Legal Process

Religion or Belief-Based Asylum Claims
A Good Practice Guide for Immigration Authorities

The Refugee Campaign

European Evangelical Alliance in partnership with Refugee Partnership Highway and numerous organisations has created The Refugee Campaign resource website. On the website you will find a growing library of fantastic resourcesFAQs, EEA’s political positions and other helpful material.

Migrants, Refugees, and Us –
Call to Action

Europe´s Refugee Crisis: What to think about it (2nd edition)

'The Peace Between' Dialogue

“The Peace Between” is a documentary that explores unlikely friendships between three Europeans and three displaced people who come into their country and their lives. The goal of the project The Peace Between Dialogues is to help you provide an intentionally safe conversation space for people viewing the “The Peace Between” film. We developed supporting materials suitable for churches as well as student and community groups. The discussion guide and subtitles are available in 20 languages.

EEA Statement on the situation
on the Belarus – EU border

Asylum Seekers in the Church
by EA Belgium (Dutch)