Through its Bonn Office, the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) offers online and offline conferencing services to its members (National Evangelical Alliances (NEAs), Affiliate Members) and networks (EEA Hope for Europe networks).

The EEA Bonn Office provides services to the EEA community in the following areas:

  • General administration (including IT services, database maintenance, etc.)
  • Internal and external communication (including EEA newsletter, EEA website, other EEA publications, mailbox management)
  • Financial administration
  • Fundraising
  • Project and event management

EEA Bonn Office Offers Digital Conferencing Services to EEA Members and Networks


The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has shaken not only our private lives but also our daily work for the kingdom of God. Many of us had to cancel already planned meetings and conferences, which was connected with financial losses and great logistical effort, and those who were able to switch to digital alternatives within a short time were often presented with great challenges due to little previous knowledge and lack of resources.

For this reason we have decided to make the already existing expertise in the field of digital conferencing of our EEA Office in Bonn available to our EEA members and Hope for Europe Networks. We would like to support them in continuing their valuable conference work without great restrictions and with high quality. Depending on their needs, we would be happy to support them with different services, including technical guidance, strategic advice, conceptualization, organization, and implementation.

An overview over our services and prices can be found here:

Digital Conferencing Service – Two-pager
Services and Prices

If you are an EEA member or EEA Hope for Europe Network and in need of digital conferencing support with your upcoming meetings and conferences, please don´t hesitate to contact our EEA Bonn Office. We look forward to developing great solutions with you!