Gospel Broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia Offer Hope During Uncertainty

Gospel Broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia Offer Hope During Uncertainty
By John Lundy, Writer and Communications Specialist from TWR’s Americas office

With Russian and Ukrainian relations currently being particularly strained and the threat of a violent outbreak looming, speculation is rife about what the near future holds for the two countries.


What is certain is that the gospel continues to be proclaimed in both countries, and to speakers of both Ukrainian and Russian.


TWR, also known as Trans World Radio, has a national partner in Ukraine and a ministry affiliation in Russia. The ministry offers encouraging and sound Christian programming to people across the region. It has an impact.


“Our office is running according to plan,” TWR’s manager in Ukraine wrote. “We continue to produce programs (radio and videos), communicate with our listeners and plan our future work.”


Feedback from listeners provides evidence that people are tuning in.


“Listening to your programs is like drinking cold water in the heat,” a woman in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv wrote. Another lady from the countryside stated, “One more sister in Christ and I are the only believers (we know about) in our village. … I try not to miss your radio programs even for a day.”


An 8-year-old Russian child responded to children’s programming.


“I started listening to your broadcasts through the radio,” the child wrote. “I really liked the


stories of Christianity. I decided for myself that my heart should belong to Jesus.”


Although the conflict over the disputed Donbass region has been ongoing since 2014, people on both sides are coming to faith in Christ.


“As the growing tensions and conflict between Ukraine and Russia show, human peace is extremely fragile,” said Dirk Mueller, TWR’s international director for Europe. “However, TWR in Europe continues with a daily and strong voice to broadcast a message which I trust will lead people in both countries to come to know the true giver of hope and peace – Jesus Christ.”


TWR’s partner in Ukraine broadcasts programs in both the Ukrainian and in the Russian language. Furthermore, TWR’s ministry contacts in Russia use several media platforms to reach their people in different parts of this vast country. The mission is clear: people in both countries need Jesus.


“We are happy to continue to be involved in a great ministry of spreading the gospel around the world,” TWR’s manager in Ukraine wrote. “May God bless all those who support us, pray for us and are with us in this difficult time.”


The manager of the ministry activities in Russia adds: “I thank God that we are together as one team of believers, doing joint work for God’s glory!


This contribution was first published on the website of Trans World Radio.

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