Awakening Family Ministry Interactive Workshop

Awakening Family Ministry Interactive Workshop

Today, the Global Church is experiencing a Discipleship Crisis as never before where as few as 10% of youth in our Christian families and churches are considered “Resilient Disciples”, while 22% are considered “Prodigals” (Ex-Christians) who have walked away from the Church (Faith for Exiles, by David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock, Baker Books 2019).


What if there were a way to stop the haemorrhage of the Church’s youth and turn around the decline of family engagement in our local churches?


This workshop will reveal how we can more effectively minister to families and through families to the wider community. We will explore some new biblical understandings and applications about what the Bible teaches about nurturing children in the faith, effective models of ministry in the home and the community, and strategic opportunities for family involvement in God’s ever-growing and community-transforming Kingdom. This is not a time for despair but for hope and decisive action.


Those who attend the workshop will receive a host of resources to help them.

  • DISC Mini-Workshop for Families

  • Top 10 List of Essential Christian Parenting and Next Generation Ministry Books

  • Top 10 Websites Providing the Best FREE Resources Online for Family Ministry

  • Downloadable copy of my book “The Generational Awakening” (After Publication)

Please share this widely among the church and ministry leaders in your Networks and to anyone you think would be interested. There are some incredible bonuses that go with it.


All the details are on the registration webpage and via the QR code.

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