• Your Evangelical Representation in Brussels

    Your Evangelical Representation in Brussels0

    The European Evangelical Alliance has a long-standing presence in Brussels. Earlier this year, we celebrated the 25thanniversary of the Brussels office!

  • Christian Responsibility for Europe

    Christian Responsibility for Europe0

    The European Parliament can seem remote from daily life but it helps to shape the values and direction of our continent. Through its power to block and amend legislation and to lobby hard for other changes, the European Parliament has huge influence.

  • Why voting in the European Elections is important

    Why voting in the European Elections is important0

    In May, Europe votes for Members of the European Parliament. Why does this matter and what has the Christian faith got to do with this? In this short article, we’ll try to explain why the European elections are important. It has to do with how the European Union (and therefore our lives) will look like in five years’ time.

  • Uniting in prayer

    Uniting in prayer0

    Christians may vote for different political parties but there is great significance in praying together in humility and unity for our nations and continent.Here are suggestions for united intercession.

  • Your vote matters

    Your vote matters0

    In May, all European Union citizens will be called to cast their votes for the new European Parliament. The European Elections provide an important opportunity to improve the European Parliament and the way it operates. But how do you know what candidate or party to vote for?

  • EEA prayer request for Donbas

    EEA prayer request for Donbas0

    EEA prayer request for Donbas, the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk of Ukraine. All Evangelical Churches in Luhansk, Eastern Ukraine have been forced to stop public worship in their church buildings.Officials of the unrecognised Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR)  have threatened many pastors of Evangelical Churches with big fines if they do not obey their decrees.