Thank you Hester!

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  • December 12, 2018
Thank you Hester!
When I started as interim General Secretary of the EEA at the end of November 2012 – wow, that already 6 years ago – we had a very small team. Hester Zoutman and I were working to stabilize the daily functioning EEA; Julia Doxat-Purser and Christel Ngnambi were working on the Socio-Political and the Brussels work; and the Dutch EA did the accounting. We hit the ground running. The expectations were that we would keep the day to day business of the EEA ticking as we were learning the ropes. You, Hester, had just started a few months earlier and you were slightly ahead of me in your experience. As I reflect on those early days I can still remember you did not shy away from difficult tasks. You took things as they came, or you made them happen. It was a relief that I was so often able to leave projects in your competent hands. Be it the organisation of various aspects of the General Assembly, working out the functions of a new database, transferring all the data into it and intro-ducing it to the rest of the staff, working out Website issues and keeping it up to date, producing the next newsletter and making sure that the materials of the Week of Prayer was rolled out, keeping an eye on membership fees and general accounting and more. As I am typing this it makes me dizzy thinking that you did this while working for only 60%. And as we journeyed along I learned that you were involved in some other daring projects outside the EEA as well. Further I learned that you had a very accommodating husband who did quite a bit of backup work to free you up. Thank you, Marco! Your latest piece was the organisation of the Hope Event in Tallinn. A memorable occasion which has left so many good memories. We will be able to build on this. Thank you so much for helping to bring the EEA forward. You played a big role in this! You are moving on now. May the Lord bless you and reward you. May he give you all you need. With heartfelt gratitude, Thomas    

Dear EEA friends,

After 6,5 years with the EEA I have decided to pursue new opportunities. My last day with EEA will be December 31st. It’s has been a real privilege to work with all of you and getting to know many of you at our meetings; the round tables, the general assemblies and other conferences. It has been my pleasure to serve all of you. Many blessings for all of you! If you wish to stay in touch, just send me a short message or connect on social media.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New year,


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