• Putting your nation in the spotlight at the United Nations

    Putting your nation in the spotlight at the United Nations0

    Did you know that every four and a half years, every nation on earth has its human records thoroughly checked by the United Nations (UN)? And did you know that it is not that hard for national Evangelical Alliances to help shine a light on where you think your nation needs to do better? Basically, every 3 years, the UN questions every country very thoroughly in a “universal periodic review” (UPR). And the wonderful World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) team at the UN in Geneva could help you submit a report on the human rights issues which concern you most.

  • Pray for the persecuted church

    Pray for the persecuted church0

    • NEWS
    • December 2, 2020

    When we think about Freedom of Religion or Belief, we often think about ‘the persecuted church’, brothers and sisters in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, or Pakistan who are paying a heavy price for following Jesus. And they do, no doubt about it. But the term ‘the persecuted church’, justified as the use may be, can easily create a certain distance.

  • Religious Freedom and the Italian Evangelical Alliance

    Religious Freedom and the Italian Evangelical Alliance0

    In Italy, if you are not Roman Catholic, you can sometimes feel second class. And sometimes you really are treated as second class in religious matters. But the Italian Evangelical Alliance rejects a sense of victimhood. They do not minimise the challenges that faith minorities face. But they do not want to be obsessed by them. Nor do they want Evangelicals withdrawing from society.

  • Information is the start towards change

    Information is the start towards change0

    If you want to know how to strengthen your religious freedom, you need to start by knowing what is happening. And then the next step is to share the information with others so that they may be willing to help. The Association of Protestant Churches in Turkey (EEA’s member body in Turkey) really understand these two points.

  • FoRB in Brussels

    FoRB in Brussels0

    Freedom of Religion or Belief is a long-standing priority for the EEA office in Brussels. The EEA was one of the founding members of the European Platform against Religious Intolerance and Discrimination (EPRID). This interfaith platform brings together a diverse group of faith-based organisations, united in their desire to defend and promote Freedom of Religion or Belief.

  • Former EEA President Willi Sartorius passed away

    Former EEA President Willi Sartorius passed away0

    • NEWS
    • November 4, 2020

    Swiss pastor Willi Sartorius served for many years in the 1990s as President of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) and at the same time served as pastor in the Reformed Church of Switzerland. On 18 October, Willi Sartorius passed away.