• Reading “these words of mine”

    Reading “these words of mine”0

    We spoke to Mike MacDonald at the Bible Project, about how to read “these words” – this mega book that is the Bible, how important context is and literary genre – we can’t read poetry the same way we read prophecy! And when Jesus says “hear these words of mine” he is not only talking about words on a page, but about a unified narrative that points to him.

  • Listening to others

    Listening to others0

    We spoke to Usha Reifsnider, a Missions specialist, about listening to others: how difficult this is in general, and even how as Christians we are pretty rubbish at listening because we are the ones who want to be speaking. But we become better listeners when we have been listened to.

  • Joint Statement on Ukraine

    Joint Statement on Ukraine0

    One year has passed since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The World Evangelical Alliance joins the European Evangelical Alliance and the Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches of Ukraine in condemning the aggression, honouring the people who are pouring out support to the victims, and challenging all evangelicals to follow Jesus as war continues to rage.