Bulgaria | Update on the new religion law

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  • December 13, 2018
Bulgaria | Update on the new religion law
In our previous newsletter, we have already informed you about the serious concerns pertaining Freedom of Religion or Belief in Bulgaria. A new law, amending and supplementing the Religious Denominations act could seriously impact evangelical communities in the Country. It became clear that these concerns have not gone unnoticed! Our Brussels Representative, Arie de Pater, met with the vice-ambassador of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of Belgium in Brussels. In this meeting, he laid out our objections to the law. In this meeting, it became clear that several Bulgarian embassies across Europe have been approached with the same message. So, thank you if you were involved in any of these actions or if you have been praying for the situation. The vice-ambassador made some notes and promised to forward our concerns to the capital. The Conference of European Churches in Brussels invited the Methodist Superintendent Daniel Topalski to come and testify. As Topalski is not only a partner of the Conference of European Churches but also a board member of the EEA, it was a good opportunity to cooperate. Together, we have had some constructive meetings that will require further follow up in the next few weeks. We trust that all these efforts, together with your prayers, will eventually solve the issue for our Bulgarian brothers and sisters.  

Update from The Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance

The Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance is grateful for the tremendous support if has received from brothers and sisters across Europe and the globe. Please do keep pray for Bulgaria and keep sending letter to Bulgarian embassy in your nation and write to the politicians in Sofia. Check this article to see how to get involved. VIDEO: An interview with Pastor Vlady Raichinov, Vice President of the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance. Hundreds of Christians came out on the streets of the capital of Bulgaria for the fifth time in a row on Sunday 9 December. For updates on the issue follow the Evangelical Focus: http://evangelicalfocus.com/l/tag/Bulgaria

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