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    We are nearly within 4 months of the Hope Experience and the plans are coming together, the hotel is ready to receive us, and the Networks have some good and creative input to give us and start some very good and dynamic conversations – all part of the Hope Experience.

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    EEA adopts IHRA working definition of antisemitism

    Today, the European Evangelical Alliance has publicly expressed its adoption of the working definition of antisemitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) in a historic ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

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    The EEA has created a platform to provide its members and friends with prayer requests, ideas to help, resources and regular updates from its local partners and members on the Ukraine crisis.


  • “Believers coming from Turkey are really faithful”

    “Believers coming from Turkey are really faithful”

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    • September 15, 2022

    My name is Behnan Konutgan. I’m from the East of Turkey and I am of Syriac Orthodox Christian background. I come from a Christian heritage. I studied literature and sociology and worked as a teacher for three years in a high school.

  • When the whole world is knocking on the church door

    When the whole world is knocking on the church door

    • NEWS
    • September 15, 2022

    The leader of Elam Ministries’ work among the Persian-speaking population in Europe, describes the experiences and strategies of pioneering a new branch of the organisation’s work in a European context. Paul’s vision of uniting Jews and gentiles in Rome has inspired a strategy of assisting existing local churches in evangelising and integrating converts from a Muslim background. Kühn presents four phases in the transformative process of the church towards developing a ministry that is inclusive cross-culturally.


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East meets West – West meets East


    • September 15, 2022

    Where are you from? The answer to the question “Where are you from?” comes in flawless Zurich German: “Vo Züri” (from Zurich). Even when I ask again, I get the same slightly irritated answer. Has that ever happened to you? Irritating! But have you ever thought about how, for example, a second or third generation black Swiss feels, when a white person asks him this question?


“We want to see movements of Jesus Followers glorifying God and serving people across Europe.” 



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