• Three Mindset Shifts to Raise Generations

    Three Mindset Shifts to Raise Generations

    Intergenerational leadership will not happen without raising up next generations. At Heart of God Church (HOGC) Singapore, it is our crusade to champion young people. For the past two decades, the average age of our congregation has remained the same, 22 years old with over 80% of members serving at church. Now we are running towards a new vision: lowering the average age to 21 years. Yes, it is not easy, but God calls us to raise generations.

  • Advocating on behalf of Christian Asylum Seekers

    Advocating on behalf of Christian Asylum Seekers

    After learning about several cases of deportation of Christian asylum seekers to countries with a high persecution index, the Evangelical Alliance in Finland decided to make an appeal to the Finnish Immigration Office on behalf of Christian asylum seekers in Finland. In its appeal, the Evangelical Alliance accuses the Finnish authorities of not always respecting the principle of legal certainty in asylum procedures and lists shortcomings in asylum procedures.


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The Relevance of the Bible in European Societies


  • How do you fill your heart?
    How do you fill your heart?
    • March 24, 2021

    Have you ever thought about what you might say if you had dementia? What would people hear coming from your mouth? Maybe you never have, but I have, and yes, I pray that it never happens. But if it does, it is likely that I won’t even know what I’m saying. But does that mean that I shouldn’t care?


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