• Christ: the Culmination of the Law: the Gospel for religious Muslims

    Christ: the Culmination of the Law: the Gospel for religious Muslims

    • NEWS
    • September 15, 2022

    Many Christians often assume that the Pharisees that Jesus had so many discussions and clashes with, were nothing more than religious hypocrites that constantly and consistently interfered with Jesus’ ministry and who eventually were instrumental for His death. Also, many Christians have the impression that Jesus only condemned them and had nothing good to say about them.

  • “Believers coming from Turkey are really faithful”

    “Believers coming from Turkey are really faithful”

    • NEWS
    • September 15, 2022

    My name is Behnan Konutgan. I’m from the East of Turkey and I am of Syriac Orthodox Christian background. I come from a Christian heritage. I studied literature and sociology and worked as a teacher for three years in a high school.

  • When the whole world is knocking on the church door

    When the whole world is knocking on the church door

    • NEWS
    • September 15, 2022

    The leader of Elam Ministries’ work among the Persian-speaking population in Europe, describes the experiences and strategies of pioneering a new branch of the organisation’s work in a European context. Paul’s vision of uniting Jews and gentiles in Rome has inspired a strategy of assisting existing local churches in evangelising and integrating converts from a Muslim background. Kühn presents four phases in the transformative process of the church towards developing a ministry that is inclusive cross-culturally.

  • “The Lord took care in advance”

    “The Lord took care in advance”

    • NEWS
    • September 15, 2022

    Insights into the Ukrainian Diaspora Church in Portugal after six months of war


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  • HOPE, the experience
    HOPE, the experience
    • November 15, 2022

    Hope is more than an event or experience, it is a fundamental part of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ. Hope needs to be lived, shared, encouraged, built up and treasured, and it is the best thing we can offer to the communities where we live.


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