House on the Rock

House on the Rock

By Connie and Jan


Dear friends,

How is the weather where you live? Not the physical weather, but the spiritual weather? Is it like a beautiful Spring Day, is there a storm building, or are you right in the middle of a storm? No matter what the weather, we know from experience that it will change. And no matter what the change or the challenge, we need a strong place to dwell, to stand and to be safe.


Our theme these next 6 months is: “A house on the rock” from Matthew 7:24–27. In Jesus’ parable there are few things that Jesus presupposes but doesn’t mention. Four things that anyone who is planning to build a solid house needs to do. These four things are true if we build a physical house, and especially true when it’s our lives.


Counting costs


The first thing we need to do is decide how much our house is going to cost us. Jesus talks about this in Luke 14:28-30. Before we jump into building a house, we need to make sure we have enough money, supplies and energy to finish it. The same is true when we decide to follow Jesus. Will we pay the cost? Do we have the necessary tools? If not, where can we find them? And then, do we have the necessary energy to build? Jesus calls us to life-time discipleship—not just one or two years.


Finding a place to build


The second thing we need to do before we build a house is to find a good place to build! Jesus assumes this when he talks about the wise and the foolish builders who have already chosen where they are going to build their homes… one on the rock, the other on sand. We need to do the same careful work. What is the foundation of our life? Is Christ the Cornerstone and the Foundation? Or is he merely a support beam or part of the decoration? If our lives have anything but Jesus as the foundation, then we’ve chosen to build on sand.


Gathering materials


And now it’s time to gather our materials! What are we building our house with? Inexpensive materials that will need replacing in a couple of years, or are we choosing the best quality materials, even if they cost more? In other words, what are we studying? What are we reading? How is our quiet time these days? Are we spending time with Jesus, and is it quality time? Are we aware of what is happening in our society, and do we know how to respond with godly wisdom? What are we still missing that could help us? Could the EEA help?




So, we know the cost, found the best and most solid place to build (Jesus), we have all the materials, and now we build! How will we build our house? Do we know how to build a house; a whole house, all by ourselves? Will we get help from others and allow them to participate in our project? Will we learn from experts, and share the process with our peers?


Our prayer for this year is that we all, as the EEA family, continue to build together on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Side by side, we encourage, challenge, support, give ideas and we even laugh and cry together as we build. May we be wise builders together so that no matter what the weather, our house will never fall.


Connie Main Duarte & Jan Wessels


EEA General Secretaries


Added Note


This editorial was written before the earth shook under Turkey and Syria. Houses collapsed, people were buried, and businesses crumbled. Suddenly, building on a solid foundation took an all-too-physical turn. We are reminded once again that anything humanly built is capable of falling.


And so we cry out to God in the midst of the trauma, the fear, the pain and the loss. We stand together, unified in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Turkey and in Syria. This was our prayer yesterday.


Jesus, for those in Turkey and in Syria who are under the rubble–hear their cry and send them rescuers.


For those who are hungry, hear their cry and send them bread.


For those who have lost loved ones, hear their cry and send them comforters.


For those who are searching, digging, and coordinating, hear their cry and send the reinforcements and allow them to rest.


For those who are wondering how they can help, hear their cry and fill them with wisdom, discernment and generosity.


For those who are praying for grace, mercy and rescue, hear their prayer and bring life to where there appears to be only death.


Jesus, even when the world crumbles around us, we know that our lives which are built on you, the Rock and the Cornerstone, will never be shaken or moved.

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