• EEA Newsletter September 2016

    EEA Newsletter September 20160

    In this newsletter: Time to Pray, Time to Act General Assembly 2016: One month from now Dates next Mission-Net Congress Creation Care Conference postponed “Let’s Talk Family” guidelines: New translations   EDITOTORIAL Here to stay? Here to stay! Have you ever had the experience that you were much relieved when a visitor finally left? Nothing

  • EEA Newsletter July 20160

    In this newsletter: EEA Refugee Campaign website Migrant Sports Tool Kit Europe’s other refugee crisis Let’s Talk Family Human Trafficking and Europe’s Refugee Crisis A Charta for Christian Youth Work on Switzerland   No Bad Weather – Only Bad Clothes There is this saying There is no bad weather only bad clothes. Many Christians in

  • EEA Newsletter May 20160

    In this newsletter: We need to pray! Refugee Sunday June 19 or 26. State of Europe Forum The Refugee Crisis is sad, but what can I do?  Equipping the Church to reach out to refugees & migrants Many in our church do not speak Arabic, but have a jolly good time with refugees   Editotorial

  • EEA Newsletter March 20160

     In this newsletter  The changing picture of Religious Freedom Refugees in Europe – Calais EPRID’s Statement Refugee Sunday Editorial Human Dignity There is a saying in German: Würde bringt Bürde which translates into dignity brings burden. Generally it is understood that a role brings responsibility, work and also burden. What is true for a role

  • Refugee Prayer Letter: News from Croatia

    Refugee Prayer Letter: News from Croatia0

    Divided by borders. United by purpose. Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, 568 439 persons entered the Republic of Croatia. A few days ago, the camp in Slavonski Brod (a city in the Eastern Croatia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina) was covered in the first snow, as evidenced by the photograph of the

  • News from Hungary

    News from Hungary0

    The Magi followed the “original GPS” – the Star of Bethlehem that led them to Jesus. Recently a flow of people started to come again east. How can we become a sign for them? How can we show Christ in our lives for every person we meet? The refugee ministry is a big challenge for