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The EEA exists to foster unity and evangelical identity and provide a voice and platform to evangelical Christians. Our mission can be best summarized with the words: Connect, Equip and Represent.The EEA is part of the World Evangelical Alliance (

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  • European Refugee Crisis Response: News from Greece

    European Refugee Crisis Response: News from Greece1

    This year more than a quarter million migrants have so far reached Greece by boat via the Aegean islands on their way to claim asylum in Western Europe. Countless numbers are still waiting in the coastal towns of Turkey to make the dangerous trip across the Aegean Sea, having already paid smugglers more than €1.000

  • EEA Newsletter October 2015 – General Assembly

    EEA Newsletter October 2015 – General Assembly0

    In this newsletter: Report EEA General Assembly A Call to Action to the Evangelical Community Across Europe Empfang Landesbischof July Advises & Challenges   Dear friends Last week’s EEA General Assembly was really great. Who would have thought that the theme From Exclusion to Inclusion, which was set last November, would be such a timely

  • EEA Newsletter September 20150

    In this newsletter: Offering to God our ordinary, everyday life From Exclusion to Inclusion European Disability Network Mission-Net Congress Innovation Academy Empowering families through scripture Editorial: Disrupted Lives The other day I listened to a report from the Greek island Kos. More than 7000 refugees got stranded on this holiday destination island with a population of

  • EEA Newsletter June 20150

    In this letter: Good News People action in Spain European Freedom Network Building Bridges European Youth Ministry summit European Parliament adopts a fresh resolution How you can participate in  Mission-Net Freedom Sunday Children & Youth Ministry Report First Speakers for General Assembly Editorial Church and State Some weeks ago, I attended a seminar by Evert

  • EEA Newsletter April 20150

    In this newsletter Good News Café on Adoption and Fostering No longer a threat, but a blessing for the country Pray for Geneva Summit European Youth Ministry Network Sharing Lives World Without Orphans bike tour Childrens Ministry Resources Pluralisation of Values “The Plurality of Values will keep going up for some time. However, this trend

  • EEA Newsletter February 20150

    In this newsletter: Good News People – Providing a home and family European Freedom Network – Men and Human Trafficking Good News People – Show up! New WEA Secretary General Christians new target of intolerance in Europe? Sometimes … Sometimes one wonders if Evangelicals are heard and have influence in their local situation, in their