Coordinator: Dr. Jill Ford

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Short introduction

Linking networks of believers engaged in arts and entertainment for mutual encouragement in the task of salting the cultures of Europe.

Prayer points

  • Give thanks for our newly formed Bulgarian Round Table Sept 2022. Pray for wisdom and strength for the arts leaders there as they establish this network and build positive relationships with church leaders.
  • Pray for the new season we have entered and the expansion of Arts Plus across Europe. For God to lead and guide our leadership team as we seek to establish more Round Tables and encourage arts leaders to connect and collaborate for the kingdom.
  • Pray for wisdom and clarity as we encourage and resource our wider network in the 4 areas of church, education, society and artists. Pray we stay attuned to the needs and encourage best practices for working together and building relationships.
  • Pray that God would provide ongoing resources for the Arts Plus network and gatherings. In particular new emerging arts leaders to join us.

White paper

Discovering a network of cousins