Contact person: Mr. Paul Marsh


Short Introduction

The Singles, Couples, and Family Network brings together specialists and grass roots community activists across Europe who will positively influence all aspects of family life. We want to see enthusiastic singles, intentional couples and strong families building the church and society.

Families are disintegrating at an alarming rate while singles have become cautious of committent. Sadly many churches mirror the difficulties of the society they live in. We believe that it does not have to be like this, and that there are practical and spiritual answers to these challenges.


Every church community across Europe should have access to active programs that educate and support couples and families inside and outside the local church. We want these relationships to be a light to the world, a living demonstration that applying the values and principles of the Kingdom of God in our families is transformational.

Intergenerational inclusion must become the hallmark of church communities, where everyone from the youngest to the oldest, the singles and the marrieds, find their place. Today’s youth have an astounding capacity to welcome both older and younger people, and this generation can be a catalyst for an unprecedented movement of compassion and unity.


There are many tremendous initiatives and resources available across Europe (and internationally). Surprisingly many of these remain unknown, and networking is too limited. Language differences can also hamper our ability to share.

Let’s create a space where groups across the continent can be inspired by what works for others. By accessing the most user-friendly and cost-effective resources we can maximise the action with the least effort an investment.

Educational resources for influencers enable them to tap into the best ideas and understand biblical concepts that can be shared locally. Instead of relying on one or two well known people, an army of capable trainers and educators becomes available to the Church. Training produces multiplication.

Mission is invigorated as whole families and intergenerational groups (including single people) move together to share the gospel in their culture and environment. There are very few barriers when such groups move out in acts of compassion and proclamation in their own contexts.

Parents can be empowered to work with their own children and avoid the hidden traps that cause their children to abandon faith as the turn the corner into adulthood. The children also realise that they are part of a much larger European and global community of believers, inspiring them to join a networking generation that want to change the world.


This is a recently formed network. A small group of initiators from different nations across Europe (Switzerland, UK, Holland, and Norway) is now growing.

Links with other networking groups is key to success, and the breadth of the Marriage Week movement (27 nations) and Family Ministries (17 European nations and a global team), or with  are examples of the way linked networks create strength.

Internetwork links are also of great value, such as the CNEDA (Christian Network against Domestic Abuse) or with the Women in Leadership network.


Creating a functioning database of available and accessible resources is a challenging task. However, existing networks already have some great resources available and some of them are listed here. Educational and training resources visible are included.


Family Ministries                                  

Marriage Week                                       

Marriage Week                                       

The Marriage Course                             

Institute for Family Studies               

Prayer points

Let us pray that

  • Families will be true image bearers of God, showing his love to those around them
  • Couples who struggle in their marriage will experience that there is hope
  • Children growing up will know they are created in God’s image and that they can have their identity in him
  • Churches will contribute in their localities and nations to strengthen marriage and family
  • Church leaders find the resources they need for their own marriage and family to prosper
  • Culturally appropriate training for couples and families would be available across Europe
  • that the Church will understand that marriage and family are a key element of God’s strategy to advance His Kingdom on earth
  • that the Church will disciple families in this truth

White paper

Families share the gospel with power