Refugee Sunday June 19 & 26, 2016

Joint Call to Prayer from the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP) & European Evangelical Alliance (EEA)

A Call to Prayer for Europe
World Refugee Sunday 19 or 26 June, 2016

We call upon Christians across the continent to pray for all who seek refuge in Europe. We are witnessing a season of great turmoil and desperation. But we also see the Lord at work as the Church reaches out to care. So we invite you to participate in what God is doing by praying for

The refugees & migrants

  • For protection from the perils of the journey. Pray for compassionate care of immediate needs and fair processing according to international standards.
  • For family reunification where refugees have lost one another on the journey. Especially pray for lost children.
  • For rebuilding of lives. Pray for a sense of normality to return, for healing of traumatised minds, for the opportunity to build friendships and to integrate well.
  • For the ones who are refused the right to stay in Europe. That they will find hope and a home.
  • For religious freedom for all refugees. Pray that all would find the space to express and explore faith appropriately. Pray that those who would seek to recruit refugees for violent purposes would be thwarted.

Our societies

  • For truth to be understood and fear and prejudice to be contained. Pray for responsible media reporting that neither exaggerates nor hides the difficulties.
  • Our politicians, social services and security services to be wise, fair and compassionate as they balance the many challenges involved.
  • For better international cooperation to assist refugees and to prevent the desperate situations which cause people to need to move.

The Church

  • For refreshment for all the churches, ministries and individuals who have been working so hard to assist refugees.
  • For many more local churches to set an example of welcome.
  • For a spirit of generosity in local churches and that, in the midst of all these challenges, God’s abounding generosity will once more surprise and bless many.
  • For all the Christian refugees and the many new converts to find the fellowship and support they need to flourish.

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