We are now in the heart of the Alentejo, the city of Évora. We accept the challenge of shepherding one of the oldest Pentecostal Churches in Portugal, the Assembly of God of Évora, which celebrated 83 years of existence this year. I am involved in the great project “Festival of Hope”, which will result in the transformation of hundreds of lives for CHRIST.

I am now also directing the PazcomDeus.net project, as well as the executive direction of MEVIC.

Follow the activities of the Church at: www.adevora.org

Meet the Peace with God project at: www.pazcomDeus.net.

The Ministry of Pr. Josué da Ponte, has as purpose and objective to bring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Portugal, Europe and all nations.

“This nation needs a new revolution, not a political, social or economic revolution, but a SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION”. (Pr. Joshua of the Bridge)