“On the road home: How to journey safely” 11 -14 June 2019

The General Assembly of the European Evangelical Alliance is a place to connect and to be equipped. It is a platform where general secretaries, affiliate members and chairs of Hope for Europe networks bond, connect, find better synergy of how to support one another and profit from each other.

Bible study, thematic lectures, fellowship, sharing from the regions, connecting with EEA and its partners and staff will be in line with the theme ‘On the road home: How to journey safely’.


During this General Assembly we will focus on us as Europeans and focusing on the message of the gospel. We will address not only our longing for safety but also our concerns about the Europe in which we are living. We will talk about the reasons (real or perceived) that cause Europeans to feel unsafe in their own countries and continent, and we will attempt to unmask these concerns and challenge them in the light of the Bible. We want to encourage the Church to look at its own “fears” and concerns; to overcome them with love; to find refuge and safety in God and then to reach out with the message of hope and love to all who live on this continent.


We will build on the Hope Event in Tallinn: The goal is to pray and think through these topics and come up with questions and answers which include National EAs, Affiliates and Networks. We want to see even more joint ideas being born and new partnerships established which play on the strength of the different participants involved in this General Assembly.

On Wednesday afternoon, 12 June, we will celebrate the official handover of the General Secretary of the German Evangelical Alliance. After over 30 years Hartmut Steeb passes on the baton to Reinhardt Schink.


Programme Highlights

As we are all aware, the topic SECURITY is very high on the agenda in society in general and in legislation more specifically. We notice that legislation often infringes on Freedom of Religion or Belief.

We believe there are other answers to that and we want to explore different approaches at our upcoming General Assembly 11-14 June 2019 in Bad Blankenburg.

Frank Hinkelmann will look at this from history’s viewpoint: Journeying safely – lessons from history.

Kosta Milkov, the director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Macedonia and founder and director of Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture will address two topics: Journeying safely – contemporary issues and challenges and Journeying safely – into the future.

Connie Duarte, Anne Lise Søvde Valle and Peter Strauch will do the bible readings on people who lived through uncertain times.

We have approached various people who will be sharing about their journey through times of insecurities be it because of their faith in Jesus, war, living under absolute regimes or economic hardship.

We will bring forward together what we have started at the Hope Event in Tallinn. There will be several opportunities where National EAs, Affiliates and EEA Hope for Europe Networks will be able to discuss how to link up and bring their strength to the table.

Bad Blankenburg_EAH


The Evangelical Alliance House in Bad Blankenburg is a conference and guest center with 58 single and double rooms with 6 conference rooms in four guest houses. Its basic capacity is aimed at 100 guests. The rooms are equipped with shower / WC and telephone – and if required with TV. The quiet and modern sauna area offers space for relaxation. The half-height location below the Greifenstein castle offers a good view over the valley and into the nearby picturesque town center of Bad Blankenburg.

With regards to the Evangelical Alliance House in Bad Blankenburg, the German Evangelical Alliance is thrilled that the great vision of Anna von Weling, when she wanted to create a “homestead” for the movement of the Evangelical Alliance in 1886, has come true and is constantly developing.

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Programme 2019

Please note that the programme starts on Tuesday, 11 June, at 5:30 pm and ends on Friday, 14 June, at lunch time (around 1:30 pm)!

Please click on the programme overview on the right to access a scalable PDF file showing the current state of the GA programme.

Connie Duarte is Vice-Chair of the European Evangelical Alliance. more

Dr. Kostake Milkov is a Theologian, public speaker, essayist, and a writer. more

Peter Strauch is a renowned book author and wrote numerous songs. more 

Rev. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann directed OM’s ministry in Europe from 2008-2017. more

Thomas Bucher is General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance since September 2013. more

Helen Sworn oversees and leads the global vision and strategy of Chab Dai. more 

Anne Lise Søvde Valle is National Director of NORME, the Norwegian Council for Mission and Evangelization. more

Arie de Pater works as EEA’s Brussels Representative Office. more

Julia Doxat-Purser is EEA’s Socio-political Representative & Religious Liberty Coordinator. more

Helen Calder is the author of the Helen’s Headlines website www.helensheadlines.net more

Beatrice de Graaf (via video) is professor of History of International Relations & Global Governance at Utrecht University. more

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