Coordinators: Mr. Rainer Schacke and Bastian Hagenlocher


Short introduction

The Cities Network seeks to connect individuals and organisations involved in urban ministry in Europe. We explore the special needs of city dwellers and search for models of hope addressing such needs. We believe that cities can be transformed when God’s people unite and pray.

  • From 2001 to 2019, under the leadership of Robert Calvert, pastors, youth leaders, artists, community workers and other gifted people have gathered together to celebrate how they discover ‘Jesus in the City’.
  • We have held consultations in Paris, Marseille, Barcelona, Manchester, Birmingham, Rotterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Athens and Berlin.
  • We have organised trails to explore the effects on cities by the ministry of Celtic spirituality, Martin Luther, Focolare and the Orthodox Church.


The Cities Network aims to motivate through story-telling/reflection, re-think approaches by learning as we engage missionally with our cities and share relevant resources by making them available. We want to learn about your city and pray for it.


The Gospel in the Cities of Europe: A European Urban Conversation

God loves people, and most people live in cities! Cities are cultural, political and spiritual focal points. We believe that God has a particular passion for our urban world. Motivated by this conviction, many organizations, networks, and movements started to engage cities in Europe. Everyone brings a unique contribution. And like in the story of Nehemiah, a city will benefit greatly if God’s people collaborate in the work of his Kingdom.

We want to invite Christians involved in urban ministry to a European Urban Conversation. This round table is specifically focused on leaders of organizations, networks, and movements to provide a peer-level dialog.

The purpose of the conversation is to

  • Listen to one another
  • Learn from one another
  • Empower each other

And as the Lord leads: Discover potential synergies for action

This European Urban Conversation happens four times a year for 90 minutes.

Prayer points

Let us pray for

  • God’s mercy for Europe’s cities and openness to the Gospel
  • Christian city networks: Christians from all cultures and denominations working together for God’s shalom
  • Planting and renewing of Christian congregations with a healthy kingdom perspective for the city
  • Culture and society: wisdom regarding the burning issues of our time for Christian leaders/all Christians
  • The public perception of Christians as hope-givers in civil society

White paper

Seeking God’s shalom for the Cities of Europe