Coordinator: Ms. Thérèse Swinters


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Short Introduction

The European Disability Network (EDN) connects national organisations and local ministries to work together to promote and support evangelistic ministry among and by people with disabilities.

Since 2001, EDN associates have met for training and networking conferences in countries like Switzerland, Hungary, Albania, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany and Austria. The latest international conference was held in October 2018, in Riga (Latvia).


EDN exist to make the message of Jesus Christ accessible to all people, especially to people with disabilities, and to encourage and support them to participate in all levels of church life, including church and ministry leadership roles.

“Our abilities and not only our disabilities, where seen.”


The network consists of a facilitator and a steering group, whose members come from various European countries.


Hope for Europe 2018: “The Beauty of God’s Air Under Our Wings” 

by Jordi Torrents

The European Disability Network (EDN) coordinated a series of workshops in Tallinn about how the Christian community can and should take into account people with disabilities.

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Prayer points

Let us pray

  • for Ukrainians with disabilities, especially during winter, in poor home conditions
  • for ways to reach people with disabilities with the gospel
  • to see people with disabilities being full and active part in our churches
  • for church leaders: that they might be aware of the different needs caused by disability

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Impulse by Martina Köninger - EEA General Assembly 2019