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Short introduction

The European Freedom Network exists to help the body of Christ in Europe work together effectively to prevent and combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and to seek the restoration of its victims.

We are currently made up of over 200 organisations from over 40 countries and have a wealth of expertise in the many areas of counter trafficking including:

  • prevention work in at risk groups;
  • awareness campaigns;
  • advocacy;
  • survivor care, counselling and housing;
  • research;
  • secondary trauma;
  • street outreach amongst those caught in prostitution and
  • training for professionals.

We hold conferences every 18 months and regularly run webinars to train those wanting to know more.  Our members have access to our EFN Platform that includes a wealth of resources in many languages as well as a member directory and online training.

Each year we run a Don’t Shut Your Eyes campaign ( that provides a short video (with subtitles in many languages) and prayer guide that enables churches to raise awareness of this important issue.

We are keen to work with National Evangelical Alliances to form/support your own national networks to fight human trafficking and exploitation.  We are more than willing to work with you to understand the problem as it exists in your country and to help your movement find solutions that speak into this.  We would love for you to consider becoming a partner or member with us.


  • To end human trafficking and commercial exploitation
  • To ensure the church is a major part of this response
  • To ensure quality care for survivors


We are based in Germany and consist of a board of directors, an Executive Director, and an operations team, all volunteer positions. Furthermore, we employ an administrator for one day a week. Our action groups made up of our members work to achieve different goals.

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