Coordinator: Mr. Steve Hollinghurst


Short introduction

Millions of Europeans are spiritual seekers, but expect the church to be the last place they will experience spiritual reality. How can we build bridges to this receptive audience? Over the past few years, Steve Hollinghurst and others have been gathering to share insights and experiences, to help equip followers of Jesus to encourage others to join them in their pilgrimage. Evangelism among spiritual seekers and practitioners should not be heresy hunting, but finding a contextual way of transmitting the Gospel and sharing healthy spiritual practices with them.


  • That we can encounter and build relationships with spiritual seekers through which they will encounter Christ.
  • That we will inspire others to engage with spiritual seekers
  • That we will enable the church to understand and support this ministry.


We were brought together as a small group of practitioners in Europe to form the network by Jeff Fountain who then asked myself and Ole Sjaebek Madson to convene it. We are storngly linked to Areopagus and Thomas Frovin has replaced Ole. We set up a Facebook group a few years ago to help contact and support.

Prayer points

Let us pray for

  • all those with no religious framework who are spiritual seekers. May they find Jesus and may they also find Christians who can help them understand that experience and become disciples of Jesus.
  • our churches that they learn how to communicate the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom in our contemporary culture.
  • the Evangelism in a New Age network. For wisdom and guidance for the future and to build connections that further God’s Kingdom.

White paper

Ministry to the’nones’?