Within the EEA we have started a new network, ¨Financial Discipleship and Generosity¨. The goal of the network is to serve local and national churches in the area of stewardship, so that people will be free from anxiety about money, debts, stinginess, adolatry and free to handle their money in a biblical way, be generous etc. For many churches, talking about money is a blind spot or very sensitive. That is in contrast with the bible. There are 2350 direct and indirect verses in the bible about money and possesions. Our network will help churches to overcome this fear, so that churches will grow in preaching the whole gospel to every church member.


The network has already started 3 pilots: pioneering an (outreach) Debt Free programm with the EA Portugal, pioneering stewardship teaching in churches with the EA Albania and with the EA Italy.


To grow personally or your key leader/church in the biblical understanding of stewardship church, we have a special offer:


From September 2019 – August 2020 we will offer a one-year, online course for all national EA`s with the topic “Navigating your finances Gods way”. It is a 12-month course about what the bible says about stewardship and generosity. People have to prepare some homework and once a month there will be a group zoom meeting for coaching etc. We can offer the course in 4 different languages:

  • English:

    Contactperson: Mr. Anatoliy Musiyenko

  • French:

    Contactperson: Mr. Alexandre Juvet

  • Hungarian:

    Contactperson: Mr. Zsolt Salia

  • German:

    Coordinator: Mr. Volker Kalder

The cost will be 10 Euro a month (so totally 120 Euro). There will be scholarschips (50%) for Eastern European countries. The price is including the workbook. The money will be used for materials, some costs for the facilitator, some costs for Compass Europe but also a gift to help the EEA. We will give 25 (12,5 in case of  scholarship) Euro of the student fee as a gift to the EEA to bless the EEA.


If you are interested: please contact the contactperson above before August 15.